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Wallboard & Supply Company offers years of experience in the drywall industry that we are proud to share with all of our customers. We can provide "how-to" pamphlets and help guide our customers throughout their job. We offer drywall professionals the technical support they may need to make service complete and hassle free. This may come in the form of discussing fire or sound ratings for wall assemblies. It can also come in the form of providing material safety data sheets and submittal information. Also at Wallboard & Supply Company, we help our customers to locate hard-to-find products that drywall professionals need to complete their jobs on-time and to the expectations of their customers.

In the EIFS and stucco area, we offer assistance in color matching, color samples, and architectural and technical design. At Wallboard & Supply Company, we are able to custom mix the majority of available colors in all texture finishes. We offer all of these services with a typical twenty-four hour turnaround on most orders.

Our steel framing customers also experience the same quality and friendly service. Wallboard & Supply Company acts as a clearing house to enable our customers to plan and complete their jobs on time. We help with take-offs, advice on sizing and gauging, and help with engineering services. We will also assist you with finding a framing contractor to offer bids on your project.

Our inside sales staff is always available to assist you with your building material needs. Whether you are adding on to your home or framing a new church, our staff can answer all of your questions. We can also provide specific detail information if you must meet certain requirements such as ASTM or UL design.

Our outside sales staff can provide you even more service and expertise. Need a quote on a new house or on a large office-space build out? Our outside residential & commercial salesmen can provide all of the pricing and information that your project requires. They are in the field and able to provide you with your sales and service needs.

Wallboard & Supply Company also has a full service business office staff ready to assist you with your credit needs. Gayla Trotter, Brinda Boucher, and Sara Eleam know that our customers are our main concern. Please feel free to call on them anytime.